Ariella Vidach – AiEP (IT)

performance | premiere

Running time '60 + post-performance talk

DiDstudio - Fabbrica del Vapore

28 March h 17.30

A dance on the concept of boarder, where audience become part of it

Uovo and Ariella Vidach have selected three emerging choreographers, Camilla Monga, Annika Pannitto and Gabriele Valerio, already involved in the NAO project (New Authors Today, 2014 edition) and have offered them a second period of residency at the DiDstudio - Fabbrica del Vapore. The invitation is to work on the theme of the ‘border’. The result of their research is presented at the Uovo festival, together with the documentation of their creative process, which will be shared with the audience.

Red Hoquetus

Choreographed and performed by Camilla Monga - Music by Luca Scapellato

Red hoquetus focuses on the juxtaposition of small red objects and fabrics, which portray a fragmented rhythm through a pattern of regular and repetitive movements. The colour red marks the boundary separating each rhythmical and choreographic score from the next. Whilst it is first presented as a small detail of the stage costume, later it becomes the main colour determining the development of the choreography, constantly expanding and finally lighting the backdrop and turning the stage into a painting.

Altra danza sul tema della produzione dello spazio

Choreographed, written and performed by Annika Pannitto - Under the musical supervision of Rodrigo Faina - Special thanks to Alessandra Sini, Ariella Vidach, Elisa D’Amico and Marta Sponzilli

This dance is the result of a research process across practice and theory on the theme of the production of space from a moving body. The aim is to produce and expose a dance which, like an object, can be used by all those involved and assumed as a ‘communal’ space - a meeting place which can be defined only by participation and by the multiple relationships that occur between those who make and those who watch the dance. In this place, boundaries are conceived as transitional spaces in which questions, reflections, visible and less visible movements emerge, redefining and reinventing spatial and temporal conditions.


Choreographed by Gabriele Valerio - Performed by Matilde Orrico, Alice Raffaelli and Serena MaiaccoBooth

Every day we show the world a part of ourselves - a presentable and socially acceptable mask. Borders explores the hidden aspects of our being, the obscene traits of each one of us. Borders stages the border line between public and private, investigating those actions that come near social limits without crossing them, whilst they can explode in private.
This work stems from the need to explore the idea of violence, seen both as primordial instinct and in its most subtle, sociological meaning. Every day we build compromises between our instincts and socially acceptable behaviour, in a constant negotiation between what can be shown and what must be hidden, through a sort of human/animal dichotomy. Borders tests everything that falls into this border area. What would happen if we could show our most obscene traits? What if we let our instincts free?


Choreographed by Ariella Vidach - In collaboration with Alessia Cafariello, Serena Malacco, Camilla Perani and Alessio Scandale

Ariella Vidach engages once again with the relationship between movement and sound in order to investigate the voice as the extension of action, through a relationship that explores the synthesis of gesture - reduced, blunt, final.
The project is realised with a group of young performers who contribute to the creation of a score of body/voice/sound material which triggers a chain of events as well as the interaction of the audience. The spectators, no longer mere observers, become themselves participants.
Booth is the first of a series of productions which explore the boundaries of the body, going beyond their conventional configuration in favour of a more direct and accessible approach, which reduces the distance between audience and performer.