BoleroEffect (Rapsodia_The long version)

Cristina Rizzo (IT)


running time 50' + following Palm Wine dj set

Teatro Franco Parenti

29 March h 21.00

The performance will spread into a border-crossing dance hall open to all

Italian choreographer Cristina Rizzo has built her remarkable career on the dialogue between choreographic experimentation and theoretical reflection. She presents at Uovo BoleroEffect, produced by the Dance Biennale. The work is a transformative journey developed from one of the world’s most famous orchestral scores: Ravel’s Bolero. Taken as a starting point, a place in which to begin again, the underlying melody, its repetition and expansion drag the dancers into a state of turmoil and excitement, which presumes a condition of extreme opening of the body. Breaking the frame of composure, the dance generates an inclusive experience and involves the audience in a happy collective experience, which produces a utopian place of co-existence. The irresistible energy evoked by BoleroEffect will spread into a border-crossing dance hall open to all: this is an archaeological journey through tropical rhythms and captivating melodies by Palm Wine.


concept and choreography by Cristina Rizzo – performance Annamaria Aimone, Cristina Rizzo, Simone Bertuzzi - sound design and dj’ing Simone Bertuzzi aka PALM WINE - lighting design and technical direction Giulia Pastore - project curator and promotion Chiara Trezzani - produced by CAB008 - with the support of Regione Toscana MIBACT - coproduced by Dance Biennale in collaboration with Terni Festival