Made for Italy

Martin Schick (CH)

performance | premiere

running time 30'

Teatro Franco Parenti

27 March h 21.30

And what if we would all move to Italy?

A new piece created within the TRANS project

Made for Italy is an experimental way of exploring cultural questions on a stage. It is an enquiry carried out from an external point of view, which, while dealing with the most trivial aspects, aims at capturing their deepest meanings. The idea originates from an autobiographical fact: whilst in recent years thousands of Italians have moved to trendy Berlin, the Swiss artist goes against the flow and moves from Berlin to Italy. Schick is an independent artist who operates outside conventional frameworks, initiating contaminations between performance and everyday life. In this project he is accompanied by the Swiss performance artist Viviane Pavillon, with whom he will embark, almost ‘unintentionally’, in an immersive experience of the Italian culture, language and society. They hope to learn rules and the shortcuts to avoid them, to make friends with the audience and then make business deals with them. Schick’s approach questions stereotypes and switches trends; with humour and optimism, he asks ‘and what if we all moved to Italy?’.

TRANS: a performing arts network connecting Switzerland and Italy

The TRANS project, the result of a collaboration between the Swiss festival Performa and Uovo, has selected four artists who have been commissioned new works. Uovo 2015 presents and supports the new productions by two Swiss artists, Massimo Furlan and Martin Schick, around the theme of the border and of Italian-ness. In October 2014, the Performa festival supported and presented the production by the Milan-based collective Strasse and work by the choreographer Francesca Cola.

TRANS is a project inscribed within «Viavai – Cultural blackmarket between Switzerland and Lombardy», a bi-national exchange programme promoted by the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia and realised in partnership with the Ticino and Valais cantons, the city of Zurich, the Foundation Ernst Göhner, and with the support of the Cultural Administrations of the Region of Lombardy and of the City of Milan.
Silvia Costa (IT)
A sangue freddo 2#

The evening includes two performances: A sangue freddo 2# and Made for Italy
(not sold separately)


by and with Martin Schick, Viviane Pavillon - produced by INGOODCOMPANY - coproduction Uovo and Performa festival within TRANS, a performing arts network connecting Switzerland and Italy

with the participation of destiny balogun, paolo burinato, daniele conti, django guerzoni, claudio madia, manuel morisetti, beatrice porzio, eleonora salvi, rosa maria trapani, davide uberti
thanks to franca porzio for her kind participation