Massimo Furlan (CH)

Video, 2015

Running time 45' loop

Teatro Franco Parenti

25 March from h 19.30

26_27_28_29 March from h 16.00

To live the experience of the passage in a lonely and physical way

A new piece created within the TRANS project

Massimo Furlan, one of the most inspiring artists of the European scene, deals with themes of borders and crossing in both a literal and a symbolic way. In Tunnel, a work commissioned by Uovo, the artist reflects upon the complementary notions of communication and separation drawing on his personal experience and memories. Furlan’s biographical details - born in Switzerland from Italian parents - place him at the crossroads between the two countries. Reconnecting with childhood memories of car journeys across the Italy/Switzerland border, he runs along the 6 kilometres of the Great St Bernard tunnel during the night between 3rd and 4th March. The physical action of running, devoid of theatricality, is chosen as a representation of the exciting and poetic moment in which, in the heart of a mountain, one country turns into the other.

TRANS: a performing arts network connecting Switzerland and Italy

The TRANS project, the result of a collaboration between the Swiss festival Performa and Uovo, has selected four artists who have been commissioned new works. Uovo 2015 presents and supports the new productions by two Swiss artists, Massimo Furlan and Martin Schick, around the theme of the border and of Italian-ness. In October 2014, the Performa festival supported and presented the production by the Milan-based collective Strasse and work by the choreographer Francesca Cola.

TRANS is a project inscribed within «Viavai – Cultural blackmarket between Switzerland and Lombardy», a bi-national exchange programme promoted by the Swiss cultural foundation Pro Helvetia and realised in partnership with the Ticino and Valais cantons, the city of Zurich, the Foundation Ernst Göhner, and with the support of the Cultural Administrations of the Region of Lombardy and of the City of Milan.

Free entrance

by and with Massimo Furlan - dramaturgy Claire de Ribaupierre - video Bastien Genoux - technical director Antoine Friderici - photographer Pierre Nydegger - sound Philippe de Rham - operator Thibault Maury - driver Marc Burger - produced by Numero23Prod. - in collaboration with Sociétés de Gestion du Tunnel du Grand St-Bernard - coproduction Uovo and Performa festival within TRANS, a performing arts network connecting Switzerland and Italy.