mk (IT)


running time 12'

Teatro franco Parenti

26 March h 21.00

The debut work of the recipent of the Silver Lion for Dance at 2014 Venice Biennale


The performance of e-ink at Uovo was prompted by its recent reconstruction for RIC.CI – Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography, conceived and directed by Marinella Guatterini. The project aims to give visibility to the memory of 1980s/90s Italian contemporary dance.

mk, iconic group, of international prominence, of Italy’s experimental choreography scene, presents at Uovo the original version of e-ink, which premiered on the stage of Teatro Franco Parenti back in 1999. Performing the piece today are the same dancers who presented the work sixteen years ago. This offers the audience the opportunity to reconnect with one of the seminal pieces of the new European choreography, which since the 1990s has investigated the ontological dimension of dance and questioned its accepted parameters. The choreography is by Michele Di Stefano, who was awarded the Silver Lion for innovation in dance at the 2014 Venice Biennale. It is a reflection on the modes and meanings of oracular and divinatory messages. It investigates their exactitude and ambiguity, their ability to communicate and confuse, interpreting their compositional potential by constantly changing bodily states and shuffling their sequences to create signs.

Ramona Nagabczyńska (PL)

the evening includes two performances:e-ink and RE//akumulacja
(not sold separately)


with Biagio Caravano, Michele Di Stefano - choreographed by Michele Di Stefano - music Paolo Sinigaglia - lighting design Vincenzo Dente - produced by mk 1999 - in collaboration with Festival Teatri 90/Ref.