mk | L. Trevisani | R. Mosca | M. Morgantin | L. Bianchi Hoesch (IT)

performance | premiere

running time 40'

Fondazione Adolfo Pini

27_28_29 March h 16.00 and h 17.30

The first chapter of a unique “performative collection”

Within the framework of the Storie Milanesi project, Fondazione Adolfo Pini and Uovo invite the mk company to ‘inhabit’ the spaces of the Fondazione, as a first chapter for a ‘performative collection’. Through the ceremonies of hospitality, relocating and temporary subletting, the focus is placed on liminal attitudes. During this residency period, mk reflects on the idea of inhabited space as the place where a balance between inside and outside is achieved, where ‘living’ is understood as drawing a frontier and defining limits. In order to operate on this border line, mk engages artists from diverse backgrounds in different actions: the two visual artists Luca Trevisani and Margherita Morgantin; Roberta Mosca, a William Forsythe Company performer, and the composer Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch.

Storie Milanesi
A project by Fondazione Adolfo Pini curated by Rosanna Pavoni
Storie Milanesi is an innovative project which, focusing on living spaces, accompanies travellers though an unprecedented urban journey that leads them to see the city, its different areas, its symbolic places through the sensitive eyes of those citizens who have left a legacy of culture, knowledge and beauty. The new website is a digital space through which to discover a different Milan as articulated in fourteen museums, artist’s ateliers and architecture and design studios: from the Poldi Pezzoli museum to Alessandro Manzoni’s house; from the Fondazione Adolfo Pini to Vico Magistretti’s studio museum. An unusual tour of the city, signposted in an original way to accompany the traveller right to the doorsteps of these buildings, which reflect the city’s history and spirit.

The collaboration between Fondazione Adolfo Pini and Uovo aims to translate the Storie Milanesi project into the language of the performative. It invites artists to devise an ad hoc performative production for these home and professional living spaces. A ‘catalogue’ or ‘archive’ of the performances will be produced by Fondazione Adolfo Pini, which will therefore acquire a true ‘performative collection’. SUB I.II.III. is the first project of this collaboration.

The entrance to SUB I. II. III. is nominative and with limited places.
Tickets can only be purchased at Teatro Franco Parenti

production by mk 2015 - coproduced by Uovo and Fondazione Adolfo Pini - project Storie Milanesi