Ramona Nagabczyńska (PL)

performance | Italian premiere

running time 40'

Teatro Franco Parenti

26 March h 21.00

The roughly 15 minute applause that the dancer received confirms the power of her stage presence

A well-known name of the young choreographic scene, both in Poland and internationally, Ramona Nagabczyńska presents at Uovo the Italian premiere of a commission based on the idea of remixing the work of an iconic contemporary artist. The focus of the adaptation is the legendary solo work Accumulation by Trisha Brown, undisputed gem of American postmodern dance, which subverted traditional codes of dance. ‘Accumulation’ becomes the lens through which to view and understand the revolutionary journey of contemporary choreography, but is also a powerful compositional tool, to be explored over and over again. Rethinking its value in the 21st century means opening up to the opportunities offered by technology. It also means reflecting on how the dancing body can tell a story made of echoes, quotations and translations which reveal an enchanting kaleidoscope of colours.

mk (IT)

The evening includes two performances: eink and RE//akumulacja
(not sold separately)


choreography Ramona Nagabczyńska - performance Ramona Nagabczyńska - music Alexander Zekke - video Miguel Nieto - lights Jan Cybis - produced by Komuna//Warszawa - partners Institute of Music and Dance in Poland (IMiT), Centrum w Ruchu - this project is proudly supported by