A sangue freddo 1# uno sguardo attraverso il taglio

Silvia Boschiero | Silvia Costa (IT)

Photographic exhibition

Teatro Franco Parenti

25 March from h 19.30

26_27_28_29 March from h 16.00

The result of the encounter of two unique talents

Bones, veins, arteries, muscles, nerves, organs. That invisible matter, which is nevertheless alive and beating, which we are made of and which composes us as bodies, emerges from the images of this exhibition, like an inside-out epidermal layer, another skin with which to cover ourselves. The paper upon which the inside images are printed, which wraps the body like a shell, is used as a lens which highlights, separates and sections, then tears the tender, thin skin, allowing the spectators’ gaze into internal areas, which are hidden down inside the entrails and in the dark body.
The body that appears in these pictures is a body which has been studied, analysed in the multiplicity of its shapes, where the inside is moulded onto the outside in graceful poses, where the deepest layer becomes cold surface. This is where blood is nothing but décor, the skeleton is lace, the muscles an ornament.

Silvia Costa (IT)
A sangue freddo 2#
Free entrance

a concept by Silvia Costa - with Silvia Costa e Laura Pante - sound Lorenzo Tomio - coproduced by Uovo