A sangue freddo 2#

Silvia Costa (IT)

performance | premiere

running time 15'

Teatro Franco Parenti

27 March h 21.00 and h 22.30

The new experiment of the young promise of Italian performing art

Taking as a starting point the images of the exhibition, this short performance has been conceived especially for Uovo. The body portrayed in the photographs becomes a temporal appendix to this process of disintegration of the different layers. From black and white we transition to colour, from bi-dimensional surfaces we move to all-round shapes. As if in a dissecting room, the audience is invited to observe the human body in its parts and its morphology. The spectators’ gaze is like a sharp and pitiless scalpel, which dissects, cuts through and challenges the cohesion between inside and outside, surface and volume, mass and shape. The body is alive, but begs to return to an inorganic state.
Silvia Costa is one of Italy’s most inspiring directors and performers. In recent years she has taken part in important theatre and opera productions at an international level.

Silvia Boschiero | Silvia Costa (IT)
A sangue freddo 1#
uno sguardo verso il taglio
photographic exhibition
Martin Schick (CH)
Made for Italy

The evening includes two performances: A sangue freddo 2# and Made for Italy
(not sold separately)


a concept by Silvia Costa - with Silvia Costa e Laura Pante - sound Lorenzo Tomio - coproduced by Uovo